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AVerMedia AVerLife HD Studio review

AVerMedia AVerLife HD Studio - Simple Does It

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Overall rating 8/10
Compact size
Clean and speedy UI
Small remote, even smaller buttons
Issue with displaying subtitles

User Interface

Exploring the Interface

AVerMedia has done a decent job with regards to the user interface (UI). It is responsive and very easy to understand. Once you start up the player, you will be brought to the home screen.

Navigating the home screen is made simple by the icon approach, which is quite the norm nowadays for media players. The black background helps to make the icons and menus stand out; and while not as attractive as the WD TV Live Hub’s UI, the HD Studio’s UI is clean and experiences lesser lag during navigation.

Due to its compact size, the HD Studio does not come with a hard drive, nor does it allow you to install one. Thankfully, it has two USB ports for you to connect USB hard drives (formatted in FAT32 or NTFS). We guess that’s the price to pay if you want the smallest media player possible. The HD Studio does allow you to tinker with its display and sound settings, among other things. For example, you can choose to output the video in 720p, 1080i or 1080p/60. And while there is an Info button that displays information about the video file that's currently playing, it is brief and basic - unlike the AC Ryan Playon!HD2, which provides information such as the codec the video is encoded in. The HD Studio also provides some extra options for accessing Internet content, though the options are much less than most of the players we reviewed recently. For instance, the inability to access YouTube is a glaring miss. On the plus side, it does support UPnP, so finding shared media content over the network is a breeze.