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AverMedia AVerLife ExtremeVision Media Player review

AverMedia AVerLife ExtremeVision Media Player

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Overall rating 8/10
Excellent 1080p playback
Plenty of web and networking services
Lacks internal storage


Simple Styling

Some media players are, for the lack of a better word, helplessly boring. While the ExtremeVision offers a humble appearance like most set-top boxes, its chamfered and glossy panel helps add a touch of class to an otherwise lacklustre garb. A power button sits on the extreme left which blends in with the overall design well. Noticeably, there's a lack of indicators on its face, except for a single LED which lights up in blue when the unit is up and running. The remote is a slick piece of work, though the buttons could have been slightly bigger for those with large fingers. Other than the usual multimedia controls, there is a dedicated "Backup" button for the transfer of data between USB and eSATA drives (or USB to USB), and also a "Subtitle" button to select the appropriate subtitle file.

Typical of media players, the player's stash of AV ports is similarly tucked away at its rear panel. Here's what you can expect to find. A single HDMI 1.3 jack along with two USB and a speedy eSATA port which enables you to share any external hard disk's content over the network. You might want to note that the USB ports are also friendly with a keyboard and mouse. Other inclusions include an S/PDIF outlet if you prefer to use an external amplifier or decoder, as well as a composite and component output for those still comfortably living in yesteryear. If you prefer Wi-Fi over a wired LAN connection, you can opt for AVerMedia's optional wireless dongle which is going for US$25 (about S$35). By the way, AVerMedia has thrown in a composite, component and HDMI cable along with the entire package. That should save you some time and money. For its size, however, it's a pity the player doesn't house any internal SATA connectivity.