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AverMedia AVerLife ExtremeVision Media Player review

AverMedia AVerLife ExtremeVision Media Player

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Overall rating 8/10
Excellent 1080p playback
Plenty of web and networking services
Lacks internal storage


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It's inevitable. Home Theatre PCs are bidding a hasty retreat from the home entertainment scene faster than you can say HTPC. Who's to blame? Media set-top boxes perhaps? When they were first introduced about six to seven years ago, these gizmos arrived on the scene with humble playback facilities and little bells or whistles. Yes, even HDMI connectivity wasn't much of a consideration then. But things have since changed within the AV diorama. Not only do media players offer speedy Full-HD playback these days, these mean little boxes also come with comprehensive features such Internet capabilities and a holistic support for all sorts of media CODECs. Today, the more comprehensive ones even offer PVR (personal video recorder) functions as well. Big names have since joined the fray, from ASUS to Western Digital, with more to arrive on the scene.

Well, you can add another contender to that count. Better known for their TV tuner cards, Taiwanese maker AverMedia recently crafted a Full-HD entry to augment their presence in the media player sector under the AVerLife series. Understandably, the ExtremeVision will hit the market about the same time as its less competent sister, the AVerLife Cinema, which sadly only goes up to 720p. Looking at its arsenal on paper, it is apparent the ExtremeVision packs some wicked hardware despite its unassuming looks as a whole. We won't give too much away for now. Hit the jump to check out the player's design before we take a look at its features and performance to verify its meat.