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ASUS WL-700gE Wireless Storage Router review

ASUS WL-700gE 802.11b/g Wireless Storage Router

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When it comes to consumer wireless networking routers, speed and range are usually the two main aspects that matter and security a close second. However, there has recently been a boom for functional networking equipment and Network Attached Storage (NAS), streaming media centers, audio bridges, gaming adapters and other WiFi enabled devices have invaded the consumer space. Traditionally of course, your router will still be the centerpiece of your network as you introduce one or more of these dedicated devices. That's when we found the ASUS WL-700gE, a multifunctional router that seems to have just about all the trappings and make of the ultimate gadget for the home network.

The WL-700gE is an 802.11b/g wireless router at heart. It uses a Broadcom chipset, integrating their well-known BroadRange technology for extended wireless reach (when used with compatible BroadRange adapters). However, the ASUS supports a wide range of media sharing services and even has its own integrated HDD storage, allowing the WL-700gE to operate independently as a NAS, file server, media server, web server as well as a download center. You can even run your own ftp or web server right off the router itself. There is no need to have your PC turned on or have other devices connected. Probably the most attention-grabbing feature of the router is its BitTorrent download support and while more routers have been announced with this feature, the WL-700gE is one of the first to feature it. With a GNU Linux based firmware, the ASUS WL-700gE is really an independent network thin client and has been garnering growing interest in the open source modding community.