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ASUS P565 review

ASUS P565 - Speedy Gonzales in the House

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Go, Speed Racer, Go!

If you paused to take a look at the variety of current smartphones available, it would seem as though they are a dime a dozen. Fast processing, good VGA displays, large capacity internal storage, high speed HSDPA data connectivity, Bluetooth and A-GPS features - all of these attributes are all too familiar with the higher tier devices. And with such similarities found among them, manufacturers have shifted focus towards the user interface realm to differentiate themselves from the crowd. Tweaking and modifying the software aspect such that the user experience is a simple and easy affair, we've seen the revelation of user-friendly interfaces such as the HTC TouchFlo 3D and Sony Ericsson's X-Panel.

Having said that the software and user interface aspects are of great interest to smartphone vendors these days, when scrutinizing the hardware aspect of these devices, manufacturers have actually been pretty wary with their device's specifications. It's a typical case of how a mobile device is able to balance itself with the use of power hungry features mentioned earlier with its processing capabilities, battery capacity and physical dimensions. As we approach the final year in the first decade of the 21st century, we see the Taiwanese company ASUS throwing caution to the wind with the introduction of the ASUS P565. Though ASUS hasn't been flooding consumers with a slew of devices much like its competition is, they managed to keep themselves busy by pushing their newest device to the limits with a brand new Marvell 800Mhz processor. Will it survive our barrage of tests in this review? We will be revealing the results shortly, right after a general introduction of this high-powered device from ASUS.