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ASUS NX90Jq review

ASUS NX90Jq - Aural Nirvana

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Overall rating 8.5/10
Unique design
Good performance
Audio performance not outstanding

Aural Nirvana

Aural Nirvana

For some of you, the new ASUS NX90Jq premium class notebook may seem strangely different from your usual run of the mill notebooks. When you start talking about multimedia notebooks, manufacturers usually load them up with all the bells and whistles. In fact it's not strange to find such multimedia notebooks packing powerful processors, Blu-ray playback, a pair of branded speakers that deliver some measure of audio fidelity for the user.

ASUS instead has chosen to go with a different approach, redefining the way multimedia notebooks are designed. For a start, its exterior sure doesn’t portray itself as a notebook and it looks more like a shiny large aluminum document holder of sorts - well at least when it's top is closed. Designed by David Lewis, a chief designer for Bang & Olufsen, the notebook comes packing with two giant speakers flanking the sides of the 18-inch Full HD screen. This makes the top half much larger than the bottom, but rest assured it's sturdy enough and won't fall over.


Once you open it up, it resembles more of an All-in-One (AIO) desktop machine or at least a Desktop Replacement (DTR) class notebook. Our handling of the ASUS NX90Jq further confirms our initial impressions. The unit is quite large and heavy due to the build quality and sizable speakers which the notebook is endowed with instead of the usual built-in branded speakers. However, it's this unique design that sets it apart from the usual mill of notebooks. It is also one of the more advanced notebooks in the market, even sporting the USB 3.0 interface. Read on as we uncover more of what this beauty is capable of. As usual, hit the specs tab to get the full specs details of the product.