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ASUS Nova P20 Mini PC review

ASUS Nova P20 Mini PC

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Exterior Design

Exterior Design

As we have previously noted, the console design is aimed at the home user market, and believe us, the Nova P20 would fit right at home next to your current living room setup with its glossy piano black finish. Like the Shuttle X100 and X200, the Nova P20 can be placed either flat down or straight up, though we prefer the straight up look.

When placed straight down however, the odd protrusion located at the top becomes a pen holder, though if you stop to think about it, the "pen holder" is really there to stop people from blocking the vent and the resulting explosion (we jest).

The front profile is quite minimalist in design with no protruding buttons. Instead the Nova P20 makes do with capacitance-powered touch sensitive buttons for the power button and eject button of the slot-loaded DVD writer. The Nova P20 also uses the same slot-loaded DVD writer as the X200, so that means you can burn dual layer DVDs to your heart's content. Last but not least is the infrared port for the remote control, which is located just above the power button.

The rear panel also remains equally sparse, with just 4 USB ports, one DVI and LAN port, and three audio jacks. The Nova P20 also comes with a S/PDIF converter which will allow output for 5.1-channel surround sound, so you don't need to rely on the puny built-in speakers that come with the unit.

We're kind of disappointed at the lack of other connectivity options though, since the Nova P20 is running on Intel's X3000 integrated graphics, so it's capable of handling HD content. A HDMI port in this case, would have been good to have. Luckily, the Nova P20 does come with a notebook docking connector (otherwise known as a port replicator) for further expansion/connectivity possibilities.