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ASUS Eee Box Nettop review

ASUS Eee Box Nettop - Hands On!

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Packed Up and Everywhere to Go

Packed Up and Everywhere to Go

The ASUS Eee Box is essentially an Eee PC without the monitor, speakers, and mobility, so if you were expecting anything else, get ready to be sorely disappointed. There isn't any HDMI port for high-def playback, or anything but a DVI output for hooking up to your monitor. If you can put aside these concerns, you'll find a very compact and pleasing nettop that's easy to set up and use.

Being deliciously compact and all just made us want to open it up to see what's inside, and lo and behold, we did! While we didn't get very deep within, just to be certain we don't damage it, we did find out where the RAM modules were, which means you'll also be able to upgrade the Eee Box somewhat (but there's no free slot as you can see).