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ASUS Eee Box Nettop review

ASUS Eee Box Nettop - Hands On!

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Where Tiny Reigns

Where Tiny Reigns

With the plethora of netbooks arriving at our labs lately, it's nice to see a change in scenery with the ASUS Eee Box B202, a nettop from the makers of the popular Eee PC series. As you may have guessed, nettops are the non-mobile equivalent of the netbooks and are designed to provide a cheap alternative to the common household PC. These nettops however, are limited in scope and function and are mostly designed for internet surfing and simple productivity applications. They do allow for some video playback but don't expect the nettops to handle most HD content.

While some might say that the Eee branding is being milked for what its worth (and we do agree, to a certain extent), the Eee Box comes across as a logical extension of the entire Eee PC series. We still do find the name ironic, since ASUS has named theIR netbooks under the Eee PC branding, so they couldn't actually use "PC" for the naming the Eee Box, which shares more characteristics of a PC compared to the standard Eee PC machine.