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Apple MacBook Air

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And Then There Was Air

What happens when one of the most prolific and enigmatic icons in the tech industry pulls a notebook out of a standard office envelope? Ruckus ensues, time stands still and hell freezes over...well, maybe not, but it was something to behold nonetheless. The Apple MacBook Air probably broke all kinds of records that haven't even been set yet by being the prettiest and thinnest notebook in the world measuring in at a mere 0.16-inches at its thinnest point, which puts even the slim 0.31-inch iPod touch to shame.

However, once the euphoria died down, we began looking at what the MacBook Air was actually capable of as a notebook. While it does feature decent hardware specifications for its category, the MacBook Air heavily compromises on features in an extreme case of form over function. Can the MacBook Air live solely on sex appeal alone? That's what we intended to find out when we set upon reviewing Apple's latest toy.

Since we've covered the MacBook Air's launch over at Macworld 2008 earlier this year, so you should already know the basics of what the MacBook Air offers. In this review, we'll head right into its physical aspects, usability and user experience.