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Apple iPod shuffle review

Apple iPod shuffle - Talking its Way into your Hearts

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Shuffling to the Next Generation

Apple seems to be on a roll lately. Just shortly after the spanking new iMacs were unveiled, the new iPod shuffle is out to tug at our heartstrings again. Not to sound like a broken record but Apple has done it again, sort of, if size matters to you most. As if the second generation iPod shuffle wasn't small enough, Apple has shrunk it further in the newly released third generation 4GB iPod shuffle.

Just to give a small recap, the whole idea of the iPod shuffle was hatched in 2005 with the "life is random" tagline where iTunes would randomly fill the device with tracks so that users could listen to songs that they probably haven't had the chance to listen in a long time due to their huge library of music.

During an intimate media session with the kind folks from Apple, we were privy to the all-new shuffle and had a close up session with the portable device. That little session gave us ample time to find out what's new and what's not on the iPod shuffle. So before we regale you with the full review, here are a few sneak peeks at this tiny media player as seen during the earlier session, followed by the full specifications as a quick summary.