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Apple iPad 2 (3G 64GB) review

Apple iPad 2 - More like 1.5

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iPad, or to iPad 2, That is the Question

iPad, or to iPad 2, That is the Question

Let's start with the obvious aesthetics, the iPad 2 is much thinner compared to the iPad, and surprisingly thinner than the iPhone 4. With the screen remaining the same size, you'll find that there's no change in the overall shape and dimensions of the iPad 2. Weight wise, the iPad 2 is about 50g lighter, but the thinner edge makes carrying it around much easier but note that the edges do dig into your palms and it's an uncomfortable feeling that gets worst the longer you hold the iPad 2.

The new design of the iPad 2 means the previous thick frame is now sloped, so the buttons too have to be adjusted accordingly. The port connector fits in just fine, but because of the new sloped body, some parts are sticking out. If you're an original iPad user, you will also have to get used to the slight difference in using the buttons, but you'll adjust quickly. Lastly, the addition of two new cameras, both front facing and rear facing, are mostly for Apple's new Photo Booth application and FaceTime. We'll be testing the image quality over on the next page.