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Antec P190 Silent Performer Casing review

Antec P190 Silent Performer Casing

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Surface Looks: Darkness Overpowering

Surface Looks: Darkness Overpowering

The first thing you will notice about the P190 is its color. From the packaging to the casing itself, black is the dominant color for the P190. Besides that, the whole casing evokes a feel of elegant simplicity reminiscent of the P180. The casing also does away with the odd looking fan-exhaust spoiler on top of the P180. In its place, Antec has placed two 140mm fans that should provide even more air cooling for the casing.

Like the P180, the front door covers the bays and air vents, exposing only the USB, FireWire and audio ports, which are slightly out of place compared to the overall color scheme due to the shiny, exposed metal of the ports.

The swing door also remains unchanged from the previous P180 design and we could comfortably stretch the 270 degrees of the front door all the way to the casing. The joints feel slightly sturdier this time around, so there shouldn't really be any worries about accidentally pulling out the door. You should have noticed by now that most of the P180 features are retained for the P190, and again, it's no different when you look at the P190: four 5.25-inch drive bays and two 3.5-inch drive bays.