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Antec One Hundred Window review

Antec One Hundred Window - A Window to Leetness

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Overall rating 7.5/10
Fan controls provided
Spacious for budget casing (fits graphics cards 11 inches long)
Solid build quality
No exhaust holes for bottom-mounted PSU
No USB 3.0 support
Not a tool-less chassis



Like an old soldier, Antec is a veteran in the computer chassis market for over 25 years. With its wealth of design and manufacturing experience accrued over the years, Antec has offered rig builders quality casings that are fit for a purpose, reliable in build and high in aesthetic value. Case in point: Antec has enclosures for performance users, gamers, HTPC builders, and even corporate system integrators. But Antec doesn't do casings only; they also make and sell accessories such as power supplies, CPU coolers, notebook coolers, and thermal compound.

The One Hundred is a mid-tower enclosure targeted at gamers looking for a good case but aren't willing to break the bank for it. The One Hundred Window, as the name suggests, is different from the standard One Hundred case in that it comes with a side window (and this is the model that's more readily available in this region). What do you need that for? Why, to show off your components of course!

You can check out the specifications via the specs tab above or you can let the pictures speak for themselves after the jump. At this juncture, we would like to bring in a comparisons with an earlier casing that we've reviewed from Antec - their Two Hundred casing. It too is a casing oriented for the budget gamers, but its kind of weird (naming-wise) that the One Hundred is actually newer and better than the Two Hundred in a few aspects. From its simplified and subtle design to its slightly taller and deeper design, the One Hundred has a more practical appeal. And it improves on a few finer aspects too, which we'll share over the next couple of pages. Cooling and drive bay options are however almost identical.