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Aeneon Xtune AXT760UD00-19D 2GB Kit (DDR2-1066) review

AENEON XTUNE AXT760UD00-19D 2GB Kit (DDR2-1066)

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Results - Futuremark PCMark05

Results - Futuremark PCMark05

We started off our tests with PCMark05's Memory workloads to get an overall feel on just how well the AENEON XTUNE compares with the Kingston HyperX. Taking the larger 16MB test block numbers, the XTUNE was able to outperform the equally configured Kingston HyperX DDR2-1066 memory in all Read, Write, Copy and Latency access tests by a slight amount. Interestingly, the lower bandwidth DDR2-800 memory with tighter timings scored the highest in the Read tests, though the overall performance favors the XTUNE.

The clearest identifier on performance happened to be the memory latency access tests. This particular test measures memory latency performance by counting millions of access per second (MAccess/s). Here, the DDR2-1066 memory outperformed DDR2-800, while the XTUNE showed very competitive performance against the Kingston HyperX DDR2-1066.

If you look at the graphs below, there is a visible, if very minute difference between the three test scenarios run on the XTUNE. Both EPP enabled and low latency (OC) tests show better performance over the stock settings, though not by much.