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Acer Ferrari One Netbook review

Acer Ferrari One Netbook - Vroom Vroom!

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Neo's the Word

Neo's the Word

We're here at the Raffles Hotel for Acer's Ferrari themed event and boy do they have a new toy for you to play with. You may remember previous Ferrari notebooks from Acer, but this time around it's the Acer Ferrari One netbook that's ready to rock your socks off. Before you scoff at the whole fast netbook concept though, we do like to point out that this one is slightly more souped up compared to your usual Intel Atom based netbook. Why you ask? Well, it's because this 11.6-inch netbook packs a different payload in the form of an AMD Athlon Neo X2 L310 that's running at a slower 1.20GHz but has dual- processing cores with 1MB of L2 cache and is coupled with an ATI Radeon HD 3200 integrated graphics courtesy of the new M780G chipset. Plus, the notebook can be decked with 4GB DDR2 RAM and a 160GB HDD.

Essentially, the Acer Ferrari One netbook is based on the new AMD Congo platform which we shared recently and will certainly give better performance compared to the Intel-based netbooks in terms of graphics. Better yet, this netbook also features support for ATI's eXternal Graphics Port (XGP) technology which will allow you to connect a more powerful discrete graphics card to boost the system's gaming performance. While it sounds like a great idea, we question the point of doing so on a netbook that's designed more for portability than actual gaming. Furthermore, XGP had debuted more than a year ago by Fujitsu and to-date, we still don't see any traction for this neat technology. Still, it's an interesting take against a sea of similarly featured netbooks, but don't bet on XGP both in practicality for the netbook segment and availability.

Lastly, the netbook will be retailing for a cool S$1298 price and will be available from 22nd October (which is the moment Windows 7 launches, so obviously this machine will run on this new OS). While it may sound expensive for a 'netbook', its class of hardware is more in-line with the ultrathin notebook segment competing with the Intel CULV processor based notebooks. As such, it's most certainly better value than what the HP dv2 first debuted with its first generation Yukon based ultrathin platform.

Can't wait till the Acer Ferrari One arrives? Well, there are always the pictures below and a table of specifications to keep you occupied till the launch.