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Acer Aspire One review

The Acer Aspire One Netbook Review

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Design wise, the Aspire One comes across as a unit that appears to be well designed and avoids the mishaps of the other netbooks. Perhaps it's because Acer has had the luxury of a later release to get things done properly. The keyboard's just right for typing, definitely not as cramped as the 8.9-inch based Eee PC 901, which is a good thing for those intending to type for long periods of time on the Aspire One. As for the weight of the Aspire One, we're pleased to report that it's just barely under the kilogram mark at 0.995kg.

While the keyboard was nice, we couldn't say the same about the trackpad. It was small, tiny and hard to use. While it was similar in style to the HP Mini-Note PC in terms of design, it was much smaller and the trackpad buttons were harder to use. Audio volume was also something that Acer needs to work on for the next model, as the current Aspire One's output was decidedly soft at our normal test settings of 50%.