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Acer Aspire One review

The Acer Aspire One Netbook Review

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It may seem strange now, but we can still remember the days where having a netbook made you special in the eyes of geeks (and non-geeks) everywhere. By special we mean either they thought you were cool for having a super small computer or extremely silly (for trying to type on the miniature keyboard). That was just barely one year ago, and thanks to the debut of Intel Atom chips, we're now currently in a situation where the netbooks just don't stop coming!

We'll be taking a look at the Acer's Aspire One, which makes its debut into the rough and ever-evolving world of the netbook market. Featuring an 8.9-inch screen packed into a compact frame, this version of the Aspire One that we're reviewing uses Linux and has only 8GB of storage space, similar to the earlier ASUS Eee PC models. Size wise, this unit is slightly bigger than the Eee PC 901, but still smaller than the MSI Wind NB U100. But first, before we take a look at the design, our usual pictures of its exterior and the specifications:-