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Acer Aspire 8935G review

Acer Aspire 8935G - All Buffed up

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Interior Changes

Interior Changes

If you have been using the 8930G, the first thing that strikes you when you open the Aspire 8935G is the redesign of its lower half. Gone are the not very responsive media controls that were present on the 8930G. Instead you'll find that the capacitive controls for media playback are now replaced with physical buttons. The 18.4-inch screen however still retains much of its glossiness and reflectiveness, and we have to admit, it does make a good mirror.

Moving back downwards, other changes include a more streamlined chiclet keyboard that draws its inspiration from the newer Timeline series, while the definitive blue glow from the original is retained. Suffice to say, if you like the keyboard of the Timeline series, then the Aspire 8935G's keyboard should feel no different (well except for the fact there's a lot more space for more keys). The trackpad was fine, and there's also a button to lock the trackpad to prevent accidental palm brushes. Lastly, audio in general was pretty good, comparable to the original 8930G.

Also, with a 5.1 speaker system, you'll expect the Aspire 8935G to be a multimedia powerhouse, and it doesn't fail to deliver on this front. Who needs a desktop when this notebook can easily and comfortably kick serious butt for multimedia alone?