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A.C.Ryan Veolo review

A.C. Ryan Veolo - Android Inside

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Overall rating 7.5/10
Access to Android Market allows for a wide choice of apps
Full-fledged web browser
Navigating the UI with the remote is slow and clunky
Does not load ISO files



So what are our final thoughts on the Veolo? In a nutshell, it’s a mixed bag of emotions.

While earlier incarnations of media players featured some form of internet services with media playback as the main focus, the Veolo seems to have shifted focus on Android with its accompanying bells and whistles with media service options taking a backseat. That’s not to say that the media playback prowess of the Veolo is sub-par; it plays full HD video files with no hiccups for most file formats when used with the right connectivity options. The Veolo is catered to those who place equal or more emphasis on having Android and its app ecosystem on a media center, as opposed to those who just want a media player that is simple to operate and plays files with no fuss.

Of course having Android as the UI does have its advantages as it offers much more customization options as well as an established ecosystem of applications. You can install apps from the Android Market, making the internet services of other media players look paltry in comparison.

But don’t forget that the Google Android OS was created as a mobile UI, so it isn’t exactly ideal for large screens without direct contact options - it wasn't meant to be interacted in any other form besides a touch-based UI. While the whole premise of the Veolo is interesting, using a remote to navigate Android feels awkward and slows down the whole process. Usability is certainly affected.

So if you're looking for just a media player to enjoy your videos and music, the Veolo may take slightly longer to get to where you want due to the UI navigation aspects and the fact that Android isn't the most user-friendly interface for pure media playback purposes. Even if you conjured grand plans of tinkering with this Android-based media player and would like to have access to what Android ecosystem has to offer, be warned that not many will enjoy using a remote to explore the interface. The advantages of the OS fast wanes out due this limitation.

With a suggested retail price of S$329, we hesitate to recommend the Veolo even if you do wish to try out something different and unique from the rest of the media players in the market. There are certainly more affordable options available that can accomplish most of what the Veolo can do with a more straightforward interface - minus the Android ecosystem. Last but not least, the Veolo only has a 4GB NAND flash memory for the OS and apps and it doesn't take long to fill that up if you hoped to dabble with the apps ecosystem.