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3R System R240 (Zion) Casing review

3R System R240 (Zion) Casing

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Exterior Design

Exterior Design

Our R240 Zion unit comes with a glossy black front bezel made of plastic and an LCD display that seems to be the main feature of this chassis. The rest of the chassis is made of the usual steel, though it seemed a little on the thin side, and even a bit flimsy with the entire chassis weighing in at only 5.5kg unloaded. While the R240 is considered a mid-tower, it is one of the smaller interpretations of that, with its width just slightly wider than our optical drive, and a relatively short depth as well.

Besides the high gloss finish of the Zion, the main point of interest here is surely its front panel LCD display, which shows the usual information you would expect from a chassis - system fan speeds and temperature, and some others that you usually don't see. For example, there's a system uptime meter, indicating how long the computer has been turned on, a handy feature for some users (especially if you're running a Linux based OS and need bragging to your 'Windows' buddies just how long it has been since you've experienced a crash). There's also a rather graphic representation of hard drive activity, with a dog running across the display. A thermal probe is provided for users and they can attach it to any internal component within the chassis, with the result reflected in the LCD display. It is also a dual-channel fan speed controller, which can be used to regulate your internal fans.

A minor complaint we have with the design is the placement of the power and reset buttons, which are located right at the foot of the front bezel. If you're one of the many users that place their PCs on the ground, you're going to have to stretch further to reach the buttons – or take the easier, but less glamorous way of using your toes. The front I/O ports are also found near the bottom, and although their location at the side is appropriate enough to make plugging in USB devices quite convenient, the whole stretching down to reach them isn't.