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YouTube Experiments with Quiz Feature

YouTube Experiments with Quiz Feature

YouTube videos may soon receive an interactive boost if its beta feature becomes a permanent fixture.

Spotted by Dutch tech site,, there's a page on YouTube entitled "Video Questions Editor Beta" which surfaced recently. Apparently, this beta service enables users to pose questions during video playback which viewers can respond to.

In other words, video producers now have the added option of making their online offerings a little more interactive and engaging to viewers, apart from current YouTube features such as liking, sharing, or commenting on the clips. For instance, pop quizzes may be inserted during educational or music videos to make them more appealing to viewers. 

The interface for the video editor itself is a simple one. As you can see from TechCrunch's screenshot above, all that is required is a title (or the question you'd like to pose), multiple answers viewers can choose from, and the specific time you would like the question to appear on the video.

According to YouTube, the editor can be found on the "edit bar" at the video edit page. On top of this, content owners can also see a summary of their users' interactivity through the analytics page.

However, there is a disclaimer which states that this feature is strictly work-in-progress, and "the feature and may be removed at any time without prior notification". Our advice? Use it while it's available. 

Source: TechCrunch and YouTube

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