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Your Next Computer May Know How You Feel

Your Next Computer May Know How You Feel

Today, computers are able to respond to alternative inputs such as hand gestures, touch, movement, and voice commands. Mostly, they are able to execute specific sets of instructions or launch desired applications with such sensory inputs. That said, what about emotions then? Would you want your beloved computer to tell how you feel and react accordingly? Apparently, the folks over at the Air Force Office of Scientific Research in America thinks this isn't a Sci-Fi dream, and it's a cause worth pursuing. A $350,000 grant is rather indicative.

PHYSORG.COM - UT Dallas computer scientist Yang Liu has received a three-year, $350,000 grant from the highly competitive Air Force Office of Scientific Research's Young Investigator Research Program to explore emotion recognition and modeling in speech processing. "The next-generation human-computer interaction interfaces will be more human-centered and socially intelligent,” Liu said. “They’ll have the ability to detect changes in the user’s affective behavior and thus initiate interactions accordingly. Automatic recognition of emotion plays an important role in developing future intelligent systems.”

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