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Windows Phone 7 Given Jailbreak Treatment

Windows Phone 7 Given Jailbreak Treatment

Microsoft's vision to have a fair degree of control over its mobile OS has met with some resistance. Much like Apple's iOS, there are people intent to jailbreak Windows Phone 7, to unleash the full potential and giving developers a free reign over the OS. In less than a month, the unlocker tool known as ChevronWP7 has been released.

Gizmodo - Windows Phone 7 is "finally" jailbroken! ChevronWP7, the unlocker tool, works with every WP7 phone and allows for the side loading of apps, the use of private APIs, and access to low level functionality. Basically, it unleashes your WP7 phone.

It's still early days for developers to fully utilize the unlocker tool. But the possibility of having homebrew apps and sideloading them into your Windows Phone 7 device is definitely worth something for the tinkerers out there. Just beware of what you download, since it's out of Microsoft's jurisdiction and control Check out the full story about the Windows Phone 7 unlocker tool over here.

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