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What to Expect from Office 2010

What to Expect from Office 2010

Love it or loathe it, but Microsoft's Office is synonymous with office productivity software. The latest version, Office 2010 builds on the radical ribbon interface introduced in 2007, with more features (or more bloat depending on whether you actually use them). A major highlight is the introduction of new online versions of Office, which will appear on Windows Live at the same time. We'll be checking out the Office 2010 suite in the following weeks leading to its launch, but before that, here's an early review from PC World.

PC World - Everyone is still reeling from the recession, and cash is tight--not, perhaps, the best time for Microsoft to launch a new version of its ubiquitous Office productivity suite. Nevertheless, with Office 2010, Microsoft continues to refine the dramatic overhaul that it began with the 2007 editions, while adding a few nifty new features with marquee appeal--all at prices much lower than we saw for similar Office 2007 packages.

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