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Twitter Unveils Email Sharing

Twitter Unveils Email Sharing

So far, the sharing of tweets is very much limited to one's followers on Twitter. In other words, only your followers are able to read the torrent of juicy posts you decide to retweet. That's well and good, but the trouble with this process is it prevents users from reaching out to others who are not following them on Twitterverse. 

To override this little niggle, Twitter recently made known a new feature which enables users to email a Tweet directly from According to Twitter's blog post, this feature will be "rolling out to everyone over the coming weeks". With it, users may email Tweets to anyone from their Twitter stream as long as the recipients possess a valid email address, regardless if they're on Twitter or not.

To do so, simply hit the "More" icon next to the Reply, Retweet, and Favorite buttons to blast out the email for the selected Tweet. 

Source: Twitter Blog

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