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Twitter: Top Tweets for 2011

Twitter: Top Tweets for 2011

Active users on Twitter ought to know this: some tweets are informative, some are political, and some can be mildly intriguing. But for the most part, a huge percentage are unfortunately inconsequential tweets on mundane updates or personal ramblings. With more than a 100 million users logging on to the social networking service everyday, it isn't easy to sift out the signal from the noise, so to speak. 

Each year, Twitter would conduct a review to highlight the year's most important tweets, or at least those which the company believes to be. The criteria is simple. Twitter selects the best tweets based on their level of impact, resonance and relevance. They have to be personal accounts and not those spun by news agencies. With the power invested in 140 characters, here are the top ten tweets of 2011 handpicked by the Twitter cooperation; culminating in Wael Ghonim's famous "Welcome back Egypt #Jan25" entry. The Google marketing manager became a prominent symbol of the Arab Spring revolutionary movement after he was arrested and held for 12 days by authorities in Cairo. 

You may peruse the top ten tweets via any of the links below. Twitter's co-founder, Jack Dorsey, went through the ace-list with ABC News' Diane Sawyer in a brief interview as well. The video is embedded below if you can't wait for the jump.

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Source: The Telegraph and ABC News

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