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Toshiba Introduces 5TB Regza DBR-M190 Media Server in Japan

Toshiba Introduces 5TB Regza DBR-M190 Media Server in Japan

Consumers here won't be getting their hands on this baby anytime soon, apart from those dwelling in the Land of the Rising Sun that is. However, Toshiba's Blu-ray Regza DBR-M190 is worth a mention nonetheless with credit to its whopping 5TB worth of storage space. According to Toshiba, that's enough hard drive space to record six digital channels in standard-definition format for up to 15 days.  

Sporting Toshiba's Regza Link Share IPTV feature, the DBR-M190 also doubles up as a home media server. In other words, it is capable of streaming content to other compatible devices in your lovely home. Mr Masaaki Osumi, Head of Toshiba's Digital Products Division, also mentioned that it is unlikely the huge storage media server will surface in the UK, but he did hint that Toshiba televisions packing the new Regza Link Share IPTV setup could find their way to Europe.

"It's a bit hard to imagine this Regza server as being sold globally," Mr Osumi said. "But on a regional basis, there is a natural need for TVs that have server functionality. So in Europe or some parts of China, we want to create TVs that can act as servers."

The Toshiba Regza Blu-ray DBR-M190 will be sold at a retail price of ¥200,000. That's about S$3,392 if you so desire the 5TB media server. Only in Japan, of course.

Source: Toshiba (via Pocket-Lint)

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