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TomTom Will Be Entering the SG Market

TomTom brings award-winning car navigation products to Singapore

TomTom today announced that it will enter the Singapore market with dedicated Personal Navigation Devices (PNDs). TomTom is proud to be expanding our local market presence after the release of the TomTom app for iPhone in August 2009.

TomTom products are developed with an emphasis on innovation, quality, ease of use, safety and value. Over 45 million people use TomTom solutions every day, in the form of PNDs, in-dash car systems or tracking and tracing solutions for fleet management. In addition, hundreds of millions of people use TomTom’s digital maps (developed by our Tele Atlas division) on the internet or mobile phones.

“We are very excited to bring our award-winning navigation solutions to Singaporean drivers," said Chris Kearney, TomTom’s Vice President Marketing, Asia Pacific. “We are confident Singaporean drivers will embrace the ease of use, safety features and quality navigation experience of TomTom PNDs.”

TomTom PNDs will be sold through major consumer electronics retailers across Singapore.

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