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Summify Heads For Twitter's Nest

Summify To Join Twitter Flock

Summify, a popular social news aggregator, was acquired by Twitter recently. According to Summify's blog post, operations for their email summarizing services would be scaled back substantially before Twitter pulls the plug in a few weeks' time. It's not surprising for firms to dissolve acquisitions before head honchos decide on how best to manage the newly found resources, but in the case of Summify, some subscribers were reluctant to let go of the handy service which helps synopsize news feeds from social media sites.

"While I’m really happy for you guys, I’m really upset that you seem to be shutting down the whole Summify experience. I've come to depend on the iPhone app, and I’m in shock that it’s going away. Is there no way that Twitter will allow you to keep the app going?", questioned Brad Brooks, who posted his thoughts on Summify's blog following the announcement.

Current users of Summify will still receive their summaries. However, many notable functions will not be available henceforth, such as profile pages, public summaries, creation of new accounts, and the service's auto-publish feature. While a handful of subscribers were happy that Summify would be moving on to a bigger platform such as Twitter, there were others who were less candid about Summify's abrupt "departure". 

"It's impossible to trust apps like this. I’ve been through the experience before, here today and gone tomorrow. They think nothing of pulling the rug out from underneath you. Like I said, there’s no incentive to start using any of these apps anymore", said Andy, who commented on Summify's post as well. He may sound resentful, but he did make a valid point with that remark seeing how apps are relatively short-lived these days.

Based on Mashable's report, Twitter did not disclose its immediate plans for the acquired start-up company, though it did hint that Summify will help people connect and engage with relevant and timely news. Couple that with live tweets, we must say it is quite a magnificent idea. 

Source: Summify via The Huffington Post

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