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Statistics Show More Focus of Free Apps on Android than Apple

Statistics Show More Focus of Free Apps on Android than Apple

Let's not look at sheer numbers, but through percentage. While Apple's App Store has grown tremendously over the years and plays host to a huge number of free and paid apps, it does hold more paid apps according to the numbers. Google's Android Market, smaller as it may be, seems to hold through to its open-source roots with more free apps than paid apps for consumption.

Gizmodo - App store analytics firm Distimo recently released a bunch of juicy info about the major mobile app stores, and the results are pretty interesting. For one, Android has a much higher proportion of free apps. Apple and BlackBerry are pretty close with their app stores, offering free apps making up 25% and 24% of their respective stores. Android more than doubles that number with 57%. Of course, with the size discrepancy between the stores, Apple still offers up more free apps than Android's entire store, but it's still interesting to see the relative differences.

Give it another one to two years, with more developers hopping on board Android, will we see the statistics change for the Android Market? Will it, like Apple, have a stronger emphasis on paid apps? We can't say for sure, but know this - apps are here to stay. And one shouldn't equate quality with the price you pay for an app, because there are quality apps that doesn't cost you a single cent. For the full story, click here.

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