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Speak Good English Movement Introduces "Say It Right" iPhone App

Speak Good English Movement Introduces "Say It Right" iPhone App

SINGAPORE, November 19, 2010 – The Speak Good English Movement has launched "Say It Right", an iPhone application designed to help Singaporeans to do just that. Produced by the Movement and STOMP, the iPhone application serves as a guide to pronouncing English words accurately and in a Singaporean voice.

Available for free on the Apple App Store, the application?s main feature is its voice recordings of commonly mispronounced English words spoken with a Singaporean voice. Users can search through a list of words to listen to how each is correctly pronounced and used in a sentence.

Jimmy Yap, editor of the iMerlion website downloaded and used the app within a day of its launch and had this to say: "With half a million iPhone users in Singapore, an app makes complete sense in terms of reach. An app in your phone also means people can check pronunciations easily.”

“I think this app is a great first step and I hope to see it develop more features in future. Maybe a future version will allow people to propose words whose pronunciations they are unsure of. Or perhaps people can take photos of bad grammar used in public.”


The "Say It Right" iPhone application is simple to use. A list of words is available in alphabetical order for users to scroll or use the search field to type in a specific word. Tap on the word and the application throws up a detailed description of its meanings (if there are more than one) and an example of how it is used in a sentence.

Designed for Singaporeans on-the-go, the application will help executives negotiate the corporate world of meetings and public speaking, or students who are required to deliver presentations in class. The application could also be useful for foreigners living and working in Singapore who wish to improve their spoken English or to communicate with their local counterparts with greater ease.

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