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Sony's "Division Two" VAIO Models To Be Built By Its Partners

Sony's "Division Two" VAIO Models To Be Built By Its Partners

First, we heard Sony has plans to sell their LCD TV manufacturing plant in Europe to Foxconn Electronics. Now, there's news that the CE giant is planning to sublet a "second division" of their swanky VAIO line to be built by business partners. Not to worry though, for Sony has assured VAIO fans that the "new" machines would retain the “taste of VAIO and the style of VAIO”. We can't help but wonder. Is Sony's purse in dire straits, or is this some sort of brilliant strategic alliance which would benefit  Sony in the long run?

PC Pro - Sony is to launch a "division two" of VAIO laptops that are made and designed by other manufacturers. In an exclusive interview with PC Pro, the deputy president of Sony VAIO’s Business Group announced a two-tier strategy for the company’s laptop division, with “division one” for the VAIO laptops designed and built by Sony, and a “division two” for VAIO models built by its partners.

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