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Sony May Introduce Eye-controlled Focusing System in 2014

Sony May Introduce Eye-controlled Focusing System in 2014

All DSLRs have an automatic AF mode that lets the camera decides the best AF points to use, as well as a local mode for users who want to take matters into their own hands. For the latter, time is wasted when the user moves his fingers around buttons and dials to select an AF point. Now, if only this can be done in a much quicker way.

Well, according to Sony Alpha Rumors, quick focus point selection is a major area that Sony’s digital imaging division is currently working on. And if the Japanese CE giant has its way, we’d be seeing a new "Eye controlled Focus System” on its cameras (most likely on its flagship SLT camera) come 2014. This feature works by the clever use of infrared sensors in the viewfinder that follow your eye movement. In theory, to switch to another AF point, you just have to look at it. Besides speed, the other benefit is that there’s no need to change your camera grip. However, calibration is likely going to be a chore, and our guess is that it’d still be sensitive to eye geometry. Of course, we hope Sony can surprise us.

Those into cameras and related technologies will know that eye-controlled focusing was introduced in several Canon film cameras many years ago, such as the EOS 5/A2e and Elan IIe. However, this feature has yet to appear in any of Canon’s DSLRs.

Source: Sony Alpha Rumors.

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