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Sony Launches New Range Of Sleek And Stylish PC Headsets

Sony Launches New Range Of Sleek And Stylish PC Headsets


Sony Launches New Range Of Sleek And Stylish PC Headsets

Featuring snug 30mm driver units, sleek microphones and convenient volume control, Sony’s latest headsets also offer increased comfort and convenience

(Singapore, 25 February 2010) – Sony Electronics Asia Pacific expands its range of PC headsets with fashionable new additions designed for music listening, online multi-player gaming, and hands-free web chats and VoIP calls on MSN Messenger and Skype. Blending seamlessly into today’s multitasking environment, the new open air headsets sport 30mm driver units to ensure maximum comfort. They also feature sleek microphones and volume control for added convenience. Merging form with function, Sony’s latest headsets are available in a myriad of colors that lets users work on their desktops in style.

“Increasingly, we find that consumers are multi-tasking more while on their notebooks or desktops – they could be chatting with friends over web messenger programs while surfing the Internet,” says Mr. Sydney Lee, Assistant General Manager, Personal Audio Marketing, Sony Electronics Asia Pacific. “This is why Sony has created this new range of PC headsets which allows users to customize their headsets based on the activity at hand, so that they can use the headset on its own when listening to music, or easily connect the voice tube to chat with friends online. Ultimately, Sony aims to provide our users comfort and convenience in addition to the uncompromised sound quality our customers already know us for.”

DR-350USB: Designed for audio excellence


With the supplied USB card, the DR-350USB headset offers users crisp, clear sound by eliminating noise from the PC through digital transmission via a USB connection. The DR-350USB also features a microphone muting function, which is extremely useful when one is engaged in a video conference call with multiple participants or during multi-player game sessions.

On top of that, the DR-350USB offers the same benefits as the DR-320DPV, boasting a 30mm driver unit, built-in microphone and a detachable voice tube for comfort and convenience. The DR-350USB is available in three classic colors of Black, Gold and Red.

DR-320DPV: Designed for PC gamers and music lovers


The DR-320DPV is a chic headset primed for convenience, versatile to suit both PC gamers and music lovers. Featuring a built-in microphone and a detachable voice tube, the headset provides robust and clear voice transmissions for Internet chats and multi-player PC gaming, and also allows users to easily detach the voice tube to use the headset flexibly as a pair of music headphones. Comfortably fitted with large 30mm driver unit and conveniently equipped with volume control, users can enjoy extended periods of PC gaming and music listening without having to continuously adjust the headset. The DR-320DPV is available in striking colors of Gold, Blue, Red and Black.

DR-310DPV: Designed to be seen


The lightweight DR-310DPV headband appeals to females in four soft, chic colors in white, pink, silver and gold. Featuring a cleverly designed inline microphone with volume control and mute buttons, DR-310DPV users can conveniently and stylishly make VoIP calls and Internet chat anywhere, anytime.

The new range of Sony headphones will be available from March 2010.

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