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Sony to Develop a Different Breed of Televisions?

Sony to Develop a Different Breed of Televisions?

Howard Stringer, CEO of Sony Corporation, had a little tete-a-tete with The Wall Street Journal two days ago. And during that conversation, he revealed that Sony will need to a engineer a new breed of televisions in order to stay ahead of the competition.

He also cited Apple and the late Steve Jobs who were looking for ways to revolutionize TV viewing in their own way, such as voice-controlled tech as mentioned by The Register. In Stringer's own words, Sony will have to produce a "new generation of TV sets that will separate them from the pack and command premium prices". 

He also added that the company cannot continue to sell TV sets the way they've been, given that every TV set they manufacture is unable to bring in the required profits. Sony's recent losses can be credited to the firm's decision to lower TV prices in order to avoid losing the game to cheaper priced competitors. While it isn't clear if Sony has a voice-controlled EPG (Electronic Program Guide) or recording system in the works, it is palpable that they'll have to come up with something different to win shoppers over in the competitive field of consumer electronics.

With Sony Ericsson soon-to-be turned into a wholly-owned subsidiary, Stringer remains keen on unifying Sony's various technologies, such as their laptops, tablets, smartphones and televisions by creating a holistic user environment to increase the brand's appeal.

Source: The Wall Street Journal (via TechWatch)   

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