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Snapseed Arrives on Android, Updates iOS Version

Snapseed Arrives on Android, Updates iOS Version

Photo apps are a dime a dozen, but if Google decides to buy the makers of a particular photo app, chances are they are doing something right. Yes, that's right - we are talking about the popular Snapseed app, a great photo editor (previously iOS-only) that lets users edit and enhance their images such as making precise editing to specific areas in users' photos.

Acquired by the Mountain View crew in September, Snapseed can now be found on Google Play for free to download on Android devices. Likewise, the iOS version of the app not only goes for free now (originally US$4.99; grab it while it lasts!), possibly as part of a celebratory gesture, but has also been updated to include Google+ integration and some new filters. Download it now at Google Play or the iTunes App Store.

Source: BGR

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