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Shortage of Chips Could Mean More Expensive Graphics Cards

Shortage of Chips Could Mean More Expensive Graphics Cards

Despite stories of TSMC finally getting on track with their new 40nm manufacturing process, there are reports which continue to insist that yields are not as good as expected. And the short story is that it will be May before the problem is entirely solved. Poor yields and high demand are driving up costs of these new graphics cards and it is reported that three major Taiwanese manufacturers, ASUS, MSI And Gigabyte, are considering a 5-10% increase to compensate for poor GPU availability and rising memory costs.

PC Perspective - Why is this bad for our readers and consumers? All three major Taiwanese graphics card vendors - ASUS, MSI and Gigabyte - are reportedly mulling a 5-10% price increase on their cards in order to compensate for the decline in GPU availability and increase in memory cost. Users looking to get a late winter or early spring system upgrade might be met with higher than expected prices.

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