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Sharp Announces Quatron 3D TV Panels In Japan

Sharp Announces Quatron 3D TV Panels In Japan

Sharp was one of the few TV makers who didn't sport a 3D display during CES this year. That's about to change, however, for they've officially waded into stereoscopic waters with a possible line of HDTVs fitted with their new Quatron 3D panels. Aside from the 3D feature, Sharp has thrown in a fourth primary color to their LCD pixel design, yellow, which offers enhanced gold, yellow and brass tones with a supposedly improved color gamut. The 3D sets are expected to be released in Japan this summer. 

Akihabara News - Already popular in the USA, Sharp Quatron TVs featuring not 3 but 4 colors including the usual Red, Green, Blue (RGB) but also the “Yellow” (RGBY), are now going to be even more popular! Indeed today Sharp announced their new Quatron 3D Panels in Japan. If so far this announcement has just been a pure technological one and no information has officially been provided on the name of the future TV series featuring this Panel, we know, however that Sharp are hoping to release TVs up to 60” featuring their UV2A technology as well as active shutter glasses and industry’s highest brightness panels.

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