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Samsung Galaxy S IV at CES Behind Closed Doors

Samsung Galaxy S IV at CES Behind Closed Doors

With more allegations of companies showing off their flagship mobile devices at CES (LG's Optimus G2 being the latest rumor), here comes another "shocker". Previously, Samsung has been said to be showcasing a 5.5-inch flexible display with 720p resolution and 267ppi, and a 4.99-inch 1080p screen with 440ppi, which points to the possibility of the next-gen device embracing either technology. Now, according to a report from South Korean website MT, the Samsung Galaxy S IV or 4 will be at CES... behind closed doors. Yep, that's right - while it will not be announced next week, it would be making its presence at the event.

Android Authority - "According to a report from the South Korean website MT, the Vice Chairman of Samsung Electronics, Jay Lee, will be at CES showing off the Galaxy S4 to people behind closed doors. The report says it’ll have a 5 inch 1080p AMOLED display and it’ll be powered by the ARM Cortex A15 packing Exynos 5440. Sadly, no other details were given... Jay Lee is likely going to meet with several of his partners to show them the progress that’s been made on the S4. HTC is likely going to do the same thing, and so is Nokia. Everyone is at CES, so it’s just convenient to have these kind of meetings."

So when exactly will the Galaxy S VI, a device so popular that it already has a mockup hands-on video, make its official appearance? Based on previous rumors, April seems like a good month to bet your money on. While its alleged S-Pen functionality is still up in the air, it does seem more or less confirmed that the S VI will show off a bigger 5.0-inch display.

Source: MT (Korea) via Android Authority

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