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Rumor: Nokia Planning New Tablet

Rumor: Nokia Planning New Tablet

With the iPad now out in the market, the tablet segment is getting more attention than ever. HP's Slate is a much quoted example but now, word is out that Nokia may be planning a new tablet too. Of course, the Finnish company already has its own line of tablets but with the headlines going to Apple recently, could Nokia benefit from a new tablet design?

CNET - Didn't it seem like just yesterday that everyone and their brother was announcing plans to launch an e-reader? Well, now that the Apple iPad has landed, we wouldn't be surprised to see the floodgates opening and tablet announcements flying just as fast and furiously, if not more so. Today's supposed contender: Finnish phone giant Nokia, which is working with design and manufacturing partners on a new touch-screen tablet that could emerge as early as this fall--at least according to one analyst, Ashok Kumar of Rodman Renshaw.

Admittedly, this rumor comes from one analyst and it will be some time if we know he's right. Click here for the rest of the story.

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