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Refined iTunes Hits in October

Refined iTunes Hits in October

So the wait is finally over. The iPhone 5 has been released and all the rumors have been laid to rest. In addition we also have a new iPod Nano design as well as an upgraded iPod Touch. But hardware was not the only focus of Apple.

Besides introducing iOS 6, Apple also unveiled that their iTunes platform will be getting a serious facelift next month in October. The interface will be simplified and a new and improved mini-player will also be included. In addition the player will also offer greater syncing of content libraries with the iCloud service.

App discovery has also been stated as something that will be a greater focus of the new iTunes. After the acquisition of Chomp in February of this year, it is expected that their algorithms will be used to provide greater information about an app before users buy and download the application. 

Source: Arstechnica

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