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Radeon HD 5800 Price Slash Imminent?

Radeon HD 5800 Price Slash Imminent?

According to Fudzilla, ATI's partners are considering lower prices of their Radeon 5800 series cards to keep them competitive with NVIDIA's offering. And because ATI is not supportive of such a move, preferring instead to wait out and see how the market responds to the new NVIDIA cards, such a price cut will come directly out of partners' pockets.

Fudzilla - Some ATI partners are expected to lower the prices of Radeon HD 5870 and 5850 series but this action is not something that will happen overnight.

We have learned that key people at AMD are still waiting to see how many Fermi cards will be available and they will only react if Nvidia manages to have really great sales with its Geforce 400 series.

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