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Philips Blade 2 Monitor Features Ultra-Slim Design with IPS Technology

Philips Blade 2 Monitor Features Ultra-Slim Design with IPS Technology

MMD announces the Philips Blade 2 monitor.

Integrating the IPS (In-Plane Switching) technology with an ultra-slim design, the 23-inch monitor includes (but not limited to) features such as Superior Color Reproduction which reproduces images that are color-accurate both on screen and in print, and Superior Picture Quality which produces clearer and sharper images compared to traditional TN panels. Fully compatible with work and entertainment devices, the monitor comes with dual HDMI ports and a VGA (analog) connection.

The Philip C-Line Blade 2 monitor comes in two colors - classy black or elegant white. It will be available at S$289 in APAC from today through MMD partners.

Read on for the full press release.

The Philips Blade 2 boasts an ultra slim 12.5mm display and IPS display technology that delivers superior images and color reproduction

Singapore - MMD today unveiled the Philips Blade 2 monitor that incorporates a stylish ultra-slim design with the latest IPS (In-Plane Switching) technology to deliver an exceptional desktop experience for consumers.

With a depth of just 12.5mm, the Philips Blade 2 239C4QHSB monitor is one of the slimmest desktop displays on the market and comes in two colors, classy black or elegant white. Combining sophisticated design with leading-edge display technology, the Blade 2 is equipped with a 23” IPS display that delivers color accurate images that are vivid and life-like, making it an ideal choice for both work and play.

High Performance Display (HPD)

The Philips Blade 2 falls under the High Performance Display range of monitors from Philips and boasts the following features for a superior desktop experience:

“True” Wide Viewing Angles: With the use of the latest generation of IPS (In-Plane Switching) technology, consumers can now enjoy stunning visuals without any shift in color even when viewed from obscure angles.

  • Superior Color Reproduction: The Philips Blade 2 IPS display reproduces images that are color-accurate both on screen and in print, making it ideal for users looking to edit video and graphics.
  • Superior Picture Quality: An added advantage of IPS technology is that it produces images that are clearer and more vivid when compared to traditional TN panels, amplifying the desktop entertainment experience for users.
  • High Contrast Ratio: With a SmartContrast ratio of 20,000,000:1, quality is not compromised when displaying images with extreme differences between light and dark.
  • Environmentally Responsible: The monitors are manufactured with mercury free LED that consume 40 per cent less power than conventional Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamps (CCFL) backlighting. In addition, all body plastic parts, metal chassis parts and packing materials use 100% recyclable materials.

Ultra-Slim and Cutting-edge Design

At a stunning 12.5mm, the Philips Blade 2 ultra-slim design makes it an extremely versatile monitor that overcomes space constraints while helping users to avoid the dreaded desktop clutter. The Blade 2 also features an eye-catching glossy finish and touch-sensitive controls that replace conventional protruding buttons.

Superior Compatibility

Featuring dual HDMI ports and a VGA (Analog) connection, the Philips Blade 2 monitor is fully compatible with the latest work and entertainment devices on the market. The dual HDMI ports also allow users to connect multiple devices to the monitor, which ensures a hassle-free experience for consumers looking to connect their monitor to their existing PC system.


The Philips C-Line Blade 2 monitor comes in either classy black or elegant white and will be available in Asia Pacific from today through MMD partners. Kindly contact your local MMD distributor for more details.

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