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Only Three Smartphone Manufacturers Profited in Q3 2012

Only Three Smartphone Manufacturers Profited in Q3 2012

This piece of news might not come as surprising to those who keep a close watch on the smartphone industry - only three smartphone manufacturers made profits in the third quarter of the year. According to a tweet by market analyst Horace Dediu, the smartphone market is currently "largely dominated by Apple and Samsung with HTC being a distant third", where smartphone profits are concerned.

Android Authority - "Apple, being the first with 60% of the profits, is known to have extremely brilliant margins on their smartphone and accessories sales, so it is no doubt that the company is making money—plus the iPhone 5 did not do too bad in sales. Samsung, in second place with 39% of the profits, makes great devices and is currently leading the Android market with the Galaxy S3 that sold over 30 million units. On the third position with just 1% smartphone sale profits, we find HTC, which is struggling to meet expectations."

This portrayal of an over-saturated market doesn't bode too well for other players lagging behind in the race for profits, which includes LG, Motorola and RIM. Hopefully, LG's newly-released and quick-selling Nexus 4 will help pick pace for the Korean company and RIM's long-awaited BlackBerry 10 devices will reinstate its position once again come 30th Jan 2013.

Sources: Business Insider and @asymco via Android Authority

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