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Nokia Lumia Phones Get Update for Nokia Drive

Nokia Lumia Phones Get Update for Nokia Drive

During Mobile World Congress 2012, Nokia promised an update to its Nokia Drive and Maps apps sometime in March 2012, while a new Nokia Transport apps will be available in Windows Phone Marketplace during the same month.

True to its promise, our test unit was prompted with an update within Windows Phone Marketplace, and Nokia Drive was listed as the app to be updated.

The updated Nokia Drive app will include new features such as speed limit warnings, with either a visual notification or audio alert to inform you that you're exceeding the pre-determined speed limit. Offline use is also added to Nokia Drive, which essentially lets you download country maps for offline access. Needless to say, this will be useful if you're overseas and prefer not to incur costly roaming data charges when you use Nokia Drive.

The updated Nokia Maps comes with traffic situations, but this is currently not available for Singapore. What caught our attention is the new Nokia Transport app, which basically provides transit information and directions using public transport for more than 510 cities in 46 countries. At this point in time, we haven't seen an update for Nokia Maps, nor was there a new Nokia Transport app in the Marketplace.

To update Nokia Drive, just go to Windows Marketplace, look at the bottom left for the update notification or just search for Nokia Drive and update the app.

Source: Nokia

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