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Next Windows Update is Named "Blue" as Microsoft Speeds Up Release Cycle (Rumored)

Next Windows Update is Named "Blue" as Microsoft Speeds Up Release Cycle (Rumored)

Microsoft is rumored to be working on a Windows 8 update codenamed "Blue" that may be released as early as next year. This development is in line with the Redmond software giant's alleged plans to speed up the release cycle of the Windows operating system. The release of Windows 8 is set for October 26, approximately three years after the launch of its predecessor, Windows 7.

According to a report by ZDNet, it is believed that Microsoft is working on an update codenamed "Blue" that is scheduled to be launched sometime next year, perhaps in the month of June or July. This update is believed to be an interim update, rather than a full-fledged "Windows 9" release. It is also speculated that this update may not be in the likes of Service Updates that end-users have grown accustomed to. Such Service Packs are typically released by Microsoft a year or so after the launch of a new Windows operating system.

Whatever the final product may be, the Redmond company may decide to move away from the 3 year cycle of major Windows releases and opt for smaller, more frequent updates containing fixes as well as new features. The report noted the codename "Blue" deviated from the usual naming convention derived from city-name patterns, but as we have witnessed Microsoft's indecisiveness on the name of the UI of its upcoming Windows OS, we are certain that "Blue" will not be the final name of the upcoming Windows update.

(Source: ZDNet)

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