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Newsweek Ends 80-year Print Run, Goes Digital

Newsweek Ends 80-year Print Run, Goes Digital

Many print publications have found themselves releasing digital versions in addition to their print counterparts or folding up their businesses completely. But not many publications have made the jump to go totally digital. Here comes the sad news: Newsweek will move to an all-digital format early 2013 and will ceased its print publication on the last day of the year, its parent company announced yesterday. The all-digital publication will be called Newsweek Global and will serve as a worldwide edition.

Reuters - "It will be subscription-based and available on e-readers for both tablet and the Internet, with some content available on the Daily Beast web site, Tina Brown, editor in chief of Newsweek Daily Beast Co, and Baba Shetty, chief executive, said in their post."

With the push and demand for both tablets and e-readers - and to a smaller degree, smartphones and phablets-, this isn't an entirely a surprising development as the business has been increasingly affected by the challenging print advertising environment. What other magazines will take the plunge? Let's wait and see.

Sources: Reuters and Daily Beast

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