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New Upgrades for Onkyo Network A/V Receivers

New Upgrades for Onkyo Network A/V Receivers

Onkyo USA - Onkyo continues to expand the functionality of its home entertainment systems by adding support for the global AUPEO! Personal Radio service and expands support for Last.fm to additional Onkyo network-capable A/V receivers.

The AUPEO! service, delivered online and free of charge, offers a wide range of over 120 specialized music channels for users to choose from. It provides an easy way for users to discover new music and enjoy their favorite genres. User-selected stations can be customized with Loves and Bans to create a fully personalized listening experience. Furthermore, users can search for a specific artist on Artist Radio, or use the unique Mood Selector to match the music style to their mood.

Onkyo will also expand the support for Last.fm to all its 2011 network receivers. Last.fm is currently available on receivers starting with the TX-NR709. Last.fm is a music recommendation service that uses a process the company calls Scrobbling. This process analyzes the songs users play most often, which songs they like the most, how much they've played an artist over a certain amount of time, which of their friends have similar tastes. By focusing on the music subscribers already play Last.fm can help them discover more music.

AUPEO! and Last.fm functionality will be incorporated on all new 2011 Onkyo network receivers. A firmware upgrade for current owners of 2011 Onkyo network receivers will be available for network upgrade August 8, 2011. 

Source: Onkyo

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