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New Control Algorithms Enable Li-Ion Batteries to Charge Twice as Fast

New Control Algorithms Enable Li-Ion Batteries to Charge Twice as Fast

Researchers from the University of California, San Diego, have developed control algorithms that allow lithium-ion batteries to charge twice as fast as it is currently possible and also allow them to operate more efficiently. With more efficient operations, the scientists estimated up to 25% savings in their costs of production.

The researchers at the Jacobs School of Engineering of the university focused on designing sophisticated algorithms that can estimate the physical on-goings inside the lithium-ion battery instead of its voltage and current. The researchers claimed that their unique approach allowed them to estimate where the charged electrical particles or ions are in the battery and with this physical map of the ions, they were able to fill up the battery more efficiently with the ions.

The researchers are sharing a US$9.6 million grant from the US government, with automotive products supplier Bosch and battery manufacturer Cobasys to further develop and test the algorithms in electric vehicle batteries. They hope to be able to refine their algorithms so that the batteries for these vehicles can be utilized more effectively and safely. For the full press release, please visit this link.

(Source: University of California - San Diego, EurekAlert! via Engadget)

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